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Local Releases: Foreign Tides Are Coloring Animals By Dumb Luck

New local albums from Westward The Tide, Foreign Figures, Color Animal and more.


Tonight is going to be busy as we have three album release shows happening in both Provo and SLC. But the week also presented us 14 digital releases for you to check out. Take a moment to thumb through the digital discography by some talented musicians we have listed here for you, then join us below to talk about what shows you should be seeing.


Butt-Out - Self-Titled
Paint the Echo - Adventures of Eskimo Eve
Ohyra - Bound In Blood (EP)
Epithet - Your Brain (EP)
Various Artists - PLEXOS Presents: Golden Plates 


Ax:l - L'amour
Faulted - Keep Coming Back
Uncle Dirt/Pop WarnerSplit (EP)
YUNG MUSTY - Honest Musty (EP)
Strigidae - Strigidae 0 (EP)


Eichlers - Forget Who We Are
Various ArtistsSlaughterhouse Records Compilation
Wounded Youth - Poor Connections (EP)
Young North - Live Tape Sessions Vol. 1 (EP)


Moving to release shows, tonight at UVU we'll see the latest from Foreign Figures. This is a four-piece alt/pop band out of Provo made up of Eric Michels, Steve Michels, Seth Dunshee and Jonny Tanner. Over the past two years, the band has produced an EP and three singles, as well as earning a major following in Provo. Paradigm is the band's first full-length album, which they'll release at this special UVU show in Hanger B with Festive People and Emily Bea.  Tickets are $8 pre-sale and $10 at the door, and the doors open at 7:30 p.m.


Across town at Velour we'll see the latest from Westward The Tide. Now we've given the band a fair amount of coverage over the years, especially considering they're former Best Of Utah Music winners (then CWMA) from 2014. Go check out our awesome articles over the years to learn more on them. In the meantime, their new amazing full-length album, Microphone Heart, will be released tonight. I had a chance to listen prior to release, and it's a big step up in production and sound for the group, well worth a listen at least. You can snag a copy tonight as the band plays with  Static Waves and Tabernacles. Tickets are $8 and the doors open at 8 p.m.


Up in SLC tonight, the Garage will play host to the latest album from Color Animal. I already chatted with Andrew Shaw a couple months back when the band released a split with his other project, Magic Mint, so read up on them over there. Why Don't We Have Fun is the band's third full-length album in four years, and is by far their heaviest sounding, with a lot of awesome guitar work. You can already get a digital version on Bandcamp, but if you want a physical copy you can head to The Garage to see them play with Soft Limbs and Conquer Monster.  Tickets are $5 at the door and music starts at 8 p.m.


And finally, skipping all the way to next Thursday, we'll see the latest from hip-hop artist Dumb Luck. One of the hardest working and frequent performing artists in the hip-hop community, Luck has had great success with his albums and singles over the years and earned himself a cult following in many circles. His latest album, It's Not Official Yet, is 13 songs of unreleased and reworked material. No featured artists to be seen, with some of the material going back eight years, featuring Luck doing the vast majority of the mixing and all of the recording. If you ask the man, he'll say it's some of his best work to date, with a lot of introspective songs as well as some fun beats. You can snag a copy on April 7 at Urban Lounge as he performs with Linus Stubbs, Dusk, Malev Da Shinobi and Lost Boy.  Tickets are $5 and the show starts at 9 p.m.


Love music, head out, buy local!