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Movie Reviews: Bad Moms, Nerve, Cafe Society, Jason Bourne,

Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Life Animated


July wraps up with summer action, raunchy comedy and indie entries with a Sundance 2016 pedigree.

Woody Allen's latest melancholy period piece, Café Society  (pictured), offers an uneven but acidic look at what people can lose of their souls while pursuing superficial success. The charming New Zealand comedy Hunt for the Wilderpeople  riffs on the familiar premise of a gruff loner forced into reluctant surrogate parenting, but soars on writer/director Taika Waititi's off-beat sense of humor. The Sundance documentary Life, Animated takes the rare but welcome step of making a person with a disability—here a 23-year-old autistic man taking tentative steps toward independence—the hero of his own story.

Andrew Wright finds the thriller Nerve taking the germ of a good premise about cyber-voyeurism and turning it into an achingly trendy exploitation flick.

Eric D. Snider observes that the comedic chops of Kathryn Hahn make Bad Moms—the latest raunch-comedy from The Hangover writing team—(just barely) worth watching.

In this week's feature review, MaryAnn Johanson notes that Jason Bourne  doesn't provide much of a reason for the return of Matt Damon's killing-machine super-agent.