Music Update May 25: Socially-Distanced Date Night in Peoa | Buzz Blog
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Music Update May 25: Socially-Distanced Date Night in Peoa


  • Courtesy photo
  • 4U Ranch
Quarantine has put many couples to the test, and anyone who has made it this far with their romantic partner still by their side deserves to celebrate that. Or, if you’ve somehow found yourself in a new relationship hinged on creative and socially-distanced dates, this is a good opportunity for you, too. Local event company Culinary Crafts has teamed up with musicians Rob Bennion and the Gold Standard band to make the date night of your quarantined dreams at the event venue 4U Ranch, in the beautifully mountain-surrounded Peoa. One ticket of $150 gets you a night of romance well worth the drive. While a $125 ticket gets you and your honey a five-star meal, bump it up to $150 to enjoy the music, too. Add another $35 or $100 to that, and you’ll get wine to sip alongside the scenic river. All place settings will be sufficiently socially-distanced from on another, insuring not only safety from others but intimacy in the great out doors with your cutie. If it’s a night of rousing music and fantastic food you miss most of all, head over to Culinary Crafts for tickets for either Friday, May 29 or Saturday, May 30.