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Music Update: Feb. 5

The Aces release "Under My Influence" B-sides


Utah natives The Aces are back with two new bonus tracks from their summer 2020 release Under My Influence, and it’s more of the good they’ve been consistently churning out all through their young career. The two fan-favorite tracks tacked on to the album couldn’t be more different, though. The first of the bonus tracks, “Sleepy Eyes,” is a typical flirtatious Aces track, bouncing with a little neo-disco bass as vocalist Cristal Ramirez dares a sleepy-eyed cutie to prove that what’s between them is more than “just friends.” However, the following track, “Aren’t You,” is a falling-out of-love song that shimmers with delightful Y2K aesthetics, most notably by way of a rapid, bouncing, snapping beat that makes one wonder if The Aces won’t don frosted gloss and low-rise jeans for a future potential video. As Ramirez lists off the reasons why the one who isn’t perfect for her, well, isn’t perfect for her, despite all the reasons to the contrary, “Aren’t You” similarly isn’t a perfect song for Under My Influence—a speedy track at two minutes and forty-two seconds, it’s a quick little spark that doesn’t totally agree with the rest of the songs on the very sensual, saccharine, spunky UMI. But is it a brief banger? Yes. Released today (Feb. 5) on streaming platforms, find the bonus tracks wherever you stream.