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Summer Guide 2016

Make Summer Great Some More



Dust off the tank top collection and bust out the heavy artillery SPF, baby ... summer is here! OK, we're technically jumping the gun here as the first official day of summer isn't till June 20, but can you blame us? No other season has the effect good ol' summer has. Think about it, when was the last time you exclaimed, 'Fuck yeah, autumn!'

With weather already peaking at at triple digits (thanks Obama), and non-stop news coverage of the current presidential election cycle, we figured we'd put one more proverbial nail in the bipartisan coffin and give our biggest Summer Guide yet a political hue.

Are you at your most American during firework displays? Our sunny candidate has you covered. You can also feast al fresco like a regular Kennedy and sip like a pro after checking out our Cocktail Caucus. Political pinkies up! Whatever party you swear allegiance to, one thing is for sure: ain't no party like a summer party 'cause a summer party gets weird. Ditch the luau theme and check our our offbeat suggestions instead.

We also catch up with some of SLC's favorite politicos and ask them about their most memorable summer tales. Scandal alert: One of them confesses to hoeing during his youth (though it's probably not what you think).

So go ahead, Make America Groove Again (or at least Salt Lake City) with a playlist built exclusively by local musical constituents. Feel the burn (actual one coming from a raging fire) and ditch the barbecue in favor of something a little bit more continental for a memorable gathering and say #IStandWithHerds of hulking mammals at Antelope Island and beyond.

Inside these patriotic pages, you'll also find a roundup of the best road trips, theatre and outdoor music fests the season has to offer. Is staying in basking in the AC more your speed? Curl up with your favorite super delegate and binge-watch some good summer TV shows or chill to any of our politically tinged presidential films.

So go head, pull a lever for democracy. Just don't filibust all over the place.

-Enrique Limón

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